2 for 1: Iced Matcha or Latte - Rebel Kitchen

💚 Share a MYLK ice plant-based beverage with your friend, your crush, or take both if you're a big foodie!


A MYLK Iced Matcha or Latte (regular size format)  


Leaves Montagne and Leaves McGill


Friday 25 - Saturday 26 - Sunday March 27th 

This is an opportunity to discover MYLK - a plant-based beverage made of coconut cream, oat, and faba beans! 

Designed for coffee, Barista Mylk was created in collaboration with world-renowned coffee expert James Hoffmann. It's a perfect choice for making latte art, with its silky texture and tight microfoam. Their goal is to help improve the health of the planet and its people through sustainable and responsible food production.

🌱Leaves is the reference for plant-based beverages in Montreal. If you like Barista Mylk plant-based beverage, you can buy it at Leaves House coffee shop in single bottles or in packs format or online on leaveshouse.com

Delivery is available within 48 hours of purchase.


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