SUUM: biodegradable vegan soaps made here in Montreal

Natural, biodegradable and vegan soaps and products in Montreal, Quebec!

Brigitte has been crafting personal cosmetics for a few years now. It started in 2017 when she enrolled herself in a workshop and immediately fell in love! She started doing experiments until she obtained her “satisfying” version and registered as an exhibitor for a Christmas marker in December of that year.

In 2018, her son, Jean-Sébastien, took on an active part in the project and together they reviewed the business model as well as the business objectives in order to give concrete form to company.

It lead to the creation of SUUM, a company which sells natural, biodegradable and vegan soaps and products in Montreal, Quebec! Their products contain a variety of ingredients for every skin type including coffee, peppermint, citrus and lavender. Shop their whole collection here!


1. Where did the name SUUM come from?

It’s the latin possessive pronoun meaning “his”, “hers” or “theirs”. We believe that each product has an owner and it’s at that moment that it becomes “theirs”.

2. What inspired you to start SUUM?

One decisive aspect for me was going into business with my mother and giving her the chance to realize her dream of having her own business. In addition, my desire to reinvent traditional packaging and offer zero waste products to customers prompted me to create SUUM. In a world where cosmetics cause a lot of pollution, it was essential for both of us to provide an eco-friendly alternative that would last through the years without going out of fashion.

3. What is special about your packaging?

It is certified water-soluble and biodegradable! Our products can be used in any waterway. You can even dissolve the label in the river since it causes zero negative impact on the environment. The paper is made from plants, the ink is biodegradable and environmentally friendly, and the glue used to seal the packaging is also biodegradable. When you opt for such packaging, it also means saying goodbye to a large amount of waste.


4. What products can people expect from SUUM?

When you buy SUUM, you can be assured that you’re using handmade, quality products, with carefully chosen ingredients which come from Quebec suppliers. We are talking about everyday vegan products, created with the fewest ingredients possible and which provide the most possible benefits, while respecting the planet.

5. Why do you think it’s important for businesses to adopt more sustainable practices?

It's not just important - it should be a necessity. The planet recently crossed a point of no return regarding its natural resources. Sorting centers are overflowing, and product consumption has never been higher than to date. I strongly believe that a circular business model must be integrated into the business world, even if this environment advocates capitalism.


6. What was the inspiration for the design of the packaging?

All credit goes to Atelier BangBang, a graphic design and screen printing studio. We wanted to have a timeless concept, which will remain "classic" even in 10 years. The idea of keeping it simple also followed the company's idea: To offer simple, everyday products, with as few ingredients and packaging as possible. So sticking to a minimalist design was, for us, a "must" to bring our project to life.

7. You said you “encourage young retirees to work with you”. Why?

I did a 3-month research project in Cégep on "older people", people in their senior years who are retired. My conclusion? Boredom gnaws at them day after day. Retirees want to take care of themselves without having too much pressure and that is what SUUM is trying to do. We’re giving them little spots here and there in the production of certain products. In addition to being busy and socializing, they are paid, so we combine the useful with the pleasant.

8. Where can we follow you?

Instagram: @suum_produitsnaturels

Facebook: @ProduitsnaturelsSUUM

Website: SUUM

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