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Skin Types

Ever wonder what skin type you are? We’re going to dive into the various 5 common skin types and discuss the meaning and how to identify your skin!




This skin type is said to be well balanced, the skin isn’t too oily or dry. Other common terms for this type is eudermic, the Greek Prefix ‘eu’ meaning ‘good’ and ‘dermic’ meaning ‘skin’. This skin type is well balanced and produces a naturally well balanced amount of water and lipids.

Is this your skin type?

  • Soft and smooth feel
  • Minimal to no blemishes
  • Fine pores
  • Oily t-zone  


This skin type produces a low quantity of *sebum than normal. Meaning this skin does not retain the necessary lipids to retain moisture, which compromises the protective barrier shield against environmental factors.

Is this your skin type?

  • Tight feeling
  • Flaking
  • Dull rough complexion
  • Almost visible pores
  • Irritated


This skin type produces a higher than normal amount of *sebum, in some cases an over production of lipids is also known as *seborrhea. Oily skin can look the most youthful and graceful because of its moisture which leads to it being less prone to wrinkles. However an excess amount of oil can clog pores and cause bacteria to grow, this leads to having acne prone skin.

Is this your skin type?

  • Larger visible pores
  • Blackheads, acne or other blemishes
  • Dull/shiny complexion


This skin type experiences dryness, balanced and oily combinations. Most commonly,

the t-zone area will be oily and the cheeks may be dry and flaky. This skin type is not typically prone to breakouts.

Is this your skin type?

  • Oily t-zone (forehead, bridge of the nose and chin)
  • Enlarged pores in the t-zone area
  • Dry cheeks


This skin type is easily irritated and is prone to react more than any other skin type. Most commonly the skin will react when using various cosmetics and toiletries.

Is this your skin type?

  • Easily flushed
  • Sensitive to UV Rays
  • Dry patches
  • Redness, rash, itching, etc.

Tips for all skin types:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Always wear sunscreen before going outside - even on those cloudy days!
  • Change your pillowcase once a week
  • Moisturize

Everyone has different skin and can change over time. Keeping the health of your skin is so important, always check in on its needs and what products/routine works best so your skin can thrive and look its absolute best.


Fun facts

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A light oil matter that is created by sebaceous glands which keep skin and hair moisturized.


Common skin condition that occurs for oily skin. Symptoms include dry flakes, greasy scales and reddened skin.   

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