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What Does Ethical Even Mean?

With everything happening in the world right now, it can be overwhelming to have direction for what one person can do. Well, we are here to inform you how small changes in your everyday purchases can make a difference.



You may have heard of fast fashion as it has become a more frequently used word today, especially within environmentalists, vegans and vegetarians and within the fashion industry itself. It has been an issue for a number of reasons, for a long time and thankfully people are starting to open their eyes. Thinking about how and where your clothes are being made is important to consider because the truth behind a lot of cheap and abundant clothing stores is alarming.

The exploitation of workers is a product of globalisation, which defines when corporations manufacture their goods in parts of the world where the cost of work is cheap. The workers are paid at an extremely low rate and are forced to work in terrible conditions. The less the pieces of clothing are sold for, the less the people who make them get paid. Not to mention that the productions means of fast fashion are unsustainable due to the chemical toxins used, with new trends spilling out at a fast speed, an incredibly high quantity of clothing ends up in landfills.

As individuals we can make a difference by choosing brands that take social responsibility, sustainability, environmental action, are cruelty-free and eco-friendly. We think those actions are important, this will allow us as consumers to take a step in the right direction.

Fun facts

~Matt & Nat uses 100% recycled plastic bottles as the lining in all bags.

~Bkind donates 2% of their sales to an animal welfare organization.

~Etymologie uses Miron violet glass as an alternative to plastic packaging.

~Mimi & August apparel is made from 100% organic Pima Cotton.

~Skin Essence uses vegetable printing directly on their bottles to prevent  unnecessary plastic packaging. 

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