Care Lab Divas

Low calorie non-carbonated fruit flavored care spring water with added vitamins, minerals, amino acids and prebiotic.


Choose from 5 varieties:

  • BALANCE: Marine Magnesium with iron, vitamin E and a 6-vitamin blend. Lavender and orange flavored
  • BRAIN: Alpha GPC with acetyl L-Carnitine, vitamin E and a 6-vitamin blend. Greenlemon and pomelo flavored
  • DEFENSE: Prebiotics with zinc, selenium, vitamin D and a 6-vitamin blend. Pomegranate and hibiscus flavored
  • RECHARGE: Caffeine + CoQ10 with riboflavin and a 6-vitamin blend. Mandarin and guava flavored 
  • RESTORE: Vegan collagen with 74 sea minerals, biotin and a 6-vitamin blend. Blueberry and acai flavored