Jobs at Leaves


This page will be updated soon.

To work at Leaves, you don't need a bachelor degree, a master degree, an mba, or a phd. Leaves might be looking for you if:

  • You have some logic
  • You know how to unleash the creativity inside you
  • You can at least speak French and English
  • You know how to listen to the clientèle and other Leaves team members
  • You know how to do a google search
  • You know how to input letters in forms
  • You can write without mistakes or wise enough to ask your friends to help you out if you can't
  • You do excellent work but you don't take yourself too seriously
  • You are conscious that your work impacts the other team members and the existence of the company
  • You are autonomous
  • You have some intrapreneurship
  • You want to create something useful and don't simply want a paycheck
  • You can smile

Leaves is looking for:

  • A project coordinator with experience
  • An e-commerce specialist with experience (part-time)

Please send us an email if you think you can bring something to Leaves and if Leaves can bring something to you. On this page, there's no email address, it is on purpose :)

Thank you for your help!