Agrandir Bamboo - 30 cm

Bamboo - 30 cm



Leaves House


30 cm

According to Chinese traditions, the significance of bamboo is tied to how many stalks you have. According to the Spruce there are different meanings associated with various lucky bamboo arrangements. For example:

  • Two stalks represent love.
  • Three stalks represent Fu (happiness), Lu (wealth), and Soh (long life).
  • Five stalks represent health.
  • Six stalks represent good luck and wealth.
  • Seven stalks represent good health.
  • Eight stalks represent growth.
  • Nine stalks represent great luck.
  • Ten stalks represent perfection.
  • Twenty-one stalks represent a powerful blessing.


Fill a pot or vase (with no drainage holes) with rocks so the roots have something to hold onto. Then fill it with water so the roots are covered!

Water: Ensure that the roots are covered in water.

Light: Bright, indirect light

Fournisseur: Leaves House

Bamboo - 30 cm