Zoom photo of crispy wave plant
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Crispy Wave Fern - 4 inch pot



Leaves House


Due to its uniquely strong fronds, hardiness, and adaptability, Crispy Wave can outlive almost any other potted plant. Also called birds nest ferns, they are one of the most unique plants you can grow in your home. 

The waviness of the Crispy Wave’s fronds increases their actual surface area compared to other ferns. In addition, the fronds’ thickness and rigidity allow this plant to filter harmful particles from the air.

They're one of the best plants for purifying the air!

Pot diameter: 4-inch pot


Water: The soil should never dry out completely. Increase watering during warmer weather but make sure not to over-water (opt for room temperature water!)

Light: Medium and indirect light. No direct sunlight: the leaves might get scorched.

Vendor: Leaves House

photo of crispy wave plant

Crispy Wave Fern - 4 inch pot