Zoom Limited Edition!! Non-medical Mask + Pouch

Limited Edition!! Non-medical Mask + Pouch



Leaves House


This selection of 100% animal-free masks come in different colors and designs. In this bundle you will get one mask and one pouch. The yellow-flowered mask is hand-made by a local designer. The straps are made from cotton and elastic which can stretch to fit just about anyone. The external fabric used is 100% Italian cotton which makes it thinner. Similar to our other masks, the interior fabric is 100% Japanese cotton. The double layer of fabric provides extra protection while still being breathable. This also allows the wearer to reverse the mask and wear it on both sides. This collection of masks was inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding, origami. The best way to preserve its vibrant colors is to wash it by hand. And, most importantly, locally hand-made and designed with love in Montreal.

The hemp bag is perfect to save your mask. It is multifunctional, animal-free and hand-made with 100% organic hemp. The strap is made of rubber and cotton elastic. 

**If you need to buy them in bulk and personalize them you can contact us. 


Mask: Double layer. External fabric: 100% Italian cotton. Internal fabric: 100% Japanese cotton. Straps: Cotton and elastic. Standard size: 23cm length. 13cm from top nose to chin.

About the designer 

I want to provide a reliable alternative to fast fashion. With this design, I wanted to heighten the base concepts of origami and the natural shape of leaves. The result was this hand-made mask that is easy to use, fold, and keep clean.

Yun Hsieh

Vendor: Leaves House

Limited Edition!! Non-medical Mask + Pouch