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Zoom Maygan Ginger Latté

Maygan Ginger Latté



The Ginger Vegan Powder Mix is 100% natural, with no added sugar and no caffeine. It pairs great with milk (plant-based or otherwise) or just water. Try it hot or cold, you won't be disappointed!


The ginger powder mixture has excellent antioxidant properties and can prevent cardiovascular disease and other diseases associated with aging.


Ginger powder
Coconut milk powder
Powdered Stevia Leaf

How to use it!

1. Put ½ tsp. teaspoon (2.5 g) powder in a cup (340 ml)
2. Add a little hot water to create a paste
3. Pour in hot or cold milk of your choice
4. Stir and enjoy!
Store in a cool, dry place!

Vendor: Maygan

Maygan Ginger Latté