Zoom Aglaonema - 6 inch pot

Aglaonema - 6 inch pot



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Aglaonema, also known as Chinese Evergreen, is a highly decorative plant with several interesting varieties. It is one of the most popular houseplants and the color variations from dark green to silver. This is one of the best plants for beginners (or folks too busy to keep most houseplants alive). This sturdy plant is wonderfully easy to grow; it tolerates just about every indoor condition.

Pot diameter: 6 inches


Water: Aglaonema likes to dry out between waterings, so feel the soil with your finger a few inches down to ensure it isn’t moist right beneath the surface.

Light: Medium indirect sunlight. Also, It does just fine in offices with fluorescent lighting.

Vendor: Leaves House

Aglaonema - 6 inch pot