Zoom Bonsoy Soy Milk (6 units)

Bonsoy Soy Milk (6 units)



Baristas and coffee lovers know that Bonsoy is frothable like no other. Not everyone can handle the heat. Fact: Bonsoy won’t change its flavour profile when heated. it’s the perfect canvas for latte art and creamy coffee because it stretches further.

Better for you. Since before (most of you) were born. Our commitment to quality, all-natural soy milk hasn’t changed.

Bonsoy has been doing it better since ’83. While health fads come and go, and those hitching onto the vegan/health train have well and truly left the station, our commitment to quality, all-natural soy milk hasn’t changed.


    Filtered water, Organic (Certified USFDA, NOP) Whole Soybeans (min. 14%), Tapioca Syrup, Sea Salt, Job’s Tear (Hato Mugi), Calcium Carbonate.


    1 case of 6 units. 1 unit has 1 liter.


    Refrigerate after opening
    Consume within 7 days after opening


    Serve size 250mL
    Per serve Per 100g
    Energy 603kJ 241kJ
    Protein 10.3g 4.1g
    Total Fat 5.5g 2.2g
    - Saturated LESS THAN 1g LESS THAN 1g
    Carbohydrates 14g 5.5g
    - Sugars 5.5g 2.2g
    Fibre 3.5g 1.4g
    Sodium 118mg 47mg
    Potassium 358mg 142mg
    Calcium 63mg 25mg


    Updated : September 5th, 2022

    Vendor: Bonsoy

    Bonsoy Soy Milk (6 units)