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Oat Milk Bundle (5 units)

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Oatly, Minor Figures, Pacific Foods, Earth's Own


Try this bundle if you want to taste three different kinds of oat milk.

Oatly is a vegan food brand that produces alternatives to dairy products from oats. Their products taste amazing without doing a thing to it but perform technically beautifully when foamed. Or if you are the kind of person who likes to add a splash of milk to your coffee or tea, this product can handle that as well without wimping out and separating. 

Minor Figures is a coffee company. They have developed an Oat Milk for professionals. Their goal is not to compromise the fidelity of your coffee in the cup. Add to any roast profile or origin, and experience the truest characteristics of your espresso shot, while adding natural sweetness, density, balance, and silky micro-foam when steamed.

Pacific Foods produces food adopting sustainable practices to ensure kinder treatment of people, animals, and the planet.  This oat is the winner of the Best New Product: 2018 Specialty Coffee Association. 

Earth’s Own Food Company is a pioneering healthy beverage company dedicated to nutritional innovation and sustainability in order to actively improve people's lives and well-being.


Oatly: 1 unit has 946 mL.

Minor Figures: 2 units has 1 L.

Earth's Own: 2 units of 946 mL. 1 Barista Edition and 1 Unsweetened Original. 

Vendor: Oatly

photo of oat milk at leaves house

Oat Milk Bundle (5 units)

$25.00 Regular price $27.00