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Rebel is a website shop for everything craft chocolate. From chocolate bars to drinking chocolate, to organic cocoa nibs and single-origin chocolate chips. This chocolate sauce will produce a deep and rich hot chocolate all while containing 25% less sugar than commercial sauces or syrup. Made in Canada with no artificial flavors and with an eco-friendly package. 

Origin: Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania.

Bean Variety: Trinitario 

Notes: Brownie with blackberry. 


Organic and Direct Trade Cocoa. Organic Cane Sugar. Single-Origin Craft-Made Chocolate. Water. A tiny bit of Guar Gum for Texture.


A package of 340 g(net)


Store in a dry and cool place, away from light. Keep in the fridge after opening.

Vendor: Rebel

Rebel's Liquid Cocoa