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Lambert has chosen to offer you vegan leather backpacks for women to satisfy all fashionistas. This one suits your style, whether it's more avant-garde or classic.

In addition to its design and chicside, you can enjoy a bag designed to follow you every day thanks to its many compartments. Who says elegance can't be comfortable and practical? This vegan bag illustrates the power of a successful union between utility and aesthetics!

Details about the backpack:


  • 1 Large lined pocket to store laptop (up to 13 inches in size)

  • 2 extendable pockets;

  • 3 Inner pockets

  • 2 keychains for easy access to your keys;

  • 1 Resealable pouch with zipper: very useful for storing a mobile phone or other accessories

  • 2 Small side pockets

Dimensions: 38 cm (height) x 25 cm (width) x 16 cm (deep).

Vendor: Lambert

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