Zoom Starfish Sansevieria - 4 inch pot

Starfish Sansevieria - 4 inch pot




Available only for "Store Pickup" or “Local delivery” in Greater Montreal. We will deliver it directly to your place for $10 flat within 24 hours.


Leaves House


Starfish Sansevieria ‘Boncel’ plants are rare but worth searching for! They have fan-shaped green foliage with dark green circles that decorate the leaves. Young “pups” will even spring from the base of the plant and can be used to easily propagate new plants.

Pot diameter:


Water: Water starfish sansevieria only when it is completely dry. As a succulent, it collects water in its leaves so overwatering may cause the plant to rot.

Light: They prefer bright light but will tolerate lower levels.

Vendor: Leaves House

Starfish Sansevieria - 4 inch pot