New Product: Minor Figures Organic Oat Milk

New Minor Figures Organic Oat Milk!

The Minor Figures team never wrote a manifesto or a mission statement, but if you ask they’d probably say: “Invent great coffee products so that more people can enjoy better coffee.” They want their products to surprise and delight people. Their team values craftsmanship, quality and of course sustainability.


Barista Standard Organic Oat Milk

Better for your coffee. Better for the planet.

Minor Figures Organic Oat Milk is a dairy alternative made by coffee professionals.

It contains only certified organic ingredients and is designed to complement the true and unique flavours of high quality coffee. This oat milk has the perfect level of sweetness and produces a silky micro-foam when steamed, marking it ideal for baristas.

It compliments the true characteristics of your coffee while adding a natural sweetness with no refined sugars.

Who is Minor Figures?

Minor Figures is one of the leading brands in the United Kingdom coffee world. They create products designed for coffee professionals and enthusiasts, blurring the lines that divide the two. While not everyone makes their living as a Barista, Minor Figures understands the need to bring life to your coffee from the comfort of your own kitchen. 

As a result, you can find Minor Figures' products at the aisles of major retailers, and behind the bar at the best coffee shops around the world. The only constant is that all our products are 100% plant based with no added sugar.

Currently, Leaves carries Minor Figures' Oat Milk as well as their Organic Barista addition!


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What Makes their Oat Milk Special?

Minor Figures oat milk is for baristas and not just the ones working at your local coffee shop. It is fully foamable, and steams and pours like whole milk. Which means you’ll also be able to show off your best latté art! Like their other products, their oat milk is plant-based, dairy-free, lactose-free, and contains no animal protein. Minor Figures is one of three companies in the world that can use the patented enzyme-process that it takes to produce their oat milk products.


Oat Milk Sustainability

Besides being one of the best non-dairy milk for coffee, Oat Milk has proven to be one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly options. Production of Oat Milk demands less water usage than that of cow’s milk and most alternative milks. Many factors contribute to a smaller carbon footprint when compared to other plant milk and cow’s milk. According to the Minor Figures website, a single cup of coffee using cow’s milk has roughly double the CO2e than a cup of coffee with a dairy free alternative like oat milk.


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