Six Vegan Cafes in Montreal and Where to Find Them

Ever wondered where the best vegan cafe in Montreal is?


Coffee is for everyone but when you don’t drink dairy, finding the perfect cappuccino isn’t always easy. While many coffee shops are now offering plant-based options there are also many vegan cafes in Montreal. If you want to enjoy your coffee alongside a delicious vegan lunch you might want to try Esquina. Otherwise, if you’d like an Italian twist on your coffee Café Dei Campi is another great Montreal option. 


We wanted to make it easy for you so here is a list of vegan cafes cafés in Montreal:

Leaves House 

2051 de la Montagne Street, Montreal, QC H3G 1Z8

1800 McGill College Avenue, Montreal, QC H3A 3J6

At Leaves House, our goal is to help people who are looking for a rewarding experience, one which leads to 100% Animal-Free alternative consumption. 

 We opened in Montreal in 2015 under the name of "Café Leaves" and only offer plant-based milk alongside 100% Plant-Based pastries and plants. You can also find 100% Animal-Free cosmetics and accessories, all vegan and Cruelty-Free. 


Café Dei Campi

1360 Rosemont Boulevard, Montreal, QC H2G 1V4

Café Dei Campi was opened in December 2015 by Nicola Vardaro and Isabelle Deschamps. They offer a variety of Italian style coffee and pastries inspired by family recipes straight from Italy.

You can find cornettos, cookies, doughnuts and tarts on their menu, as well as gourmet sandwiches, pizzettas and salads. If you’re looking to try some plant-based alternatives they also offer a seitan roast.


Café São

2210 de Lorimier Avenue, Montreal, QC H2K 3X3

Café São offers 100 percent vegan pastries and lunches. They’re located on De Lorimier Street, not far from Metro Frontenac. Their coffee comes from Huckleberry Roasters in Denver, Colorado and they offer a number of sandwich and pastry options. 


Café Résonance 

5175A Avenue du Parc, Montreal, QC H2V 4G3

Café Résonance is known for their daily jazz, classical, and experimental music performances. You check their menu for a diverse selection of delicious and 100 percent vegan rice bowls, salads, snacks and desserts.


Café Tuyo

370 Marie-Anne Street East, Montreal, QC H2W 1B3

Tuyo takes its name from the expression lo mío es tuyo (what’s mine is yours). Located in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal, Café Tuyo is known for promoting Eco-responsible values and deliciously healthy food. They have vegan, organic and dishes made from locally sourced products that will make you salivate! 



4526 Papineau Avenue, Montreal, QC H2H 1V3

At Esquina, they, “understand how rejuvenating it is to wake up in the morning with a quality cup of tea” and that buying the right coffee makes all the difference. They provide specialty coffees and teas as well specialize in vegan breakfast treats. If you want to start your morning with a delicious blueberry muffin or breakfast sandwich they have you covered. 

And a few honorable mentions to these coffee shops because their espresso is so good:

  • Café Humble Lion

904 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, QC H3A 3R8

  • Café Dax

1461 Van Horne Avenue, Outremont, QC H2V 1L3

  • Paquebot

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