Find The Perfect Products for your Skin Type

Keep your skin happy and healthy with natural products

So, you’ve decided to implement a routine that keeps your skin hydrated and healthy? Now you need to the right products for your skin type!

There are so many moisturizers that promise healthy skin, but they’re often filled with ingredients that are hard to pronounce.

Butylhydroxytoluene? Parabens? Petroleum?

They sound less like ingredients for skincare and more like magic spells.

These are just a handful of the many chemicals you’ll find on the ingredient list of most drugstore brand cosmetics. Not only do they irritate your epidermis, but they are also carcinogenic. If consumed in large quantities and for the most part, are harmful to the environment.

We know that choosing a product that’s good for your body and the environment can be difficult. That’s why we teamed up with SUUM to create a healthy skincare guide with natural, biodegradable and vegan products.
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Step 1: determine your type of skin

Before choosing a product, it’s important to learn the characteristics of your skin. The easiest way to determine your skin type is to use a mild cleanser and gently pat it dry. Leave your skin bare (don’t apply any other products!) and wait for 30 minutes. After half an hour, examine your cheeks, chin, noise and forehead.

  • Dry skin

If you notice that your skin feels tight, it’s likely that you have dry skin.

  • Combination skin

If you notice a bit of shine on your nose and forehead, you most likely have combination skin.

  • Oily Skin

Finally, if you notice that there is shine on your nose, forehead and cheeks you most likely have oily skin. It’s easy to recognize mixed skin by its texture, typically with rough or larger pores.

Step 2: know what ingredients to avoid

Imagine you’re at your favourite boutique, crisscrossing the shelves in search of the perfect natural products for your skin type. Before choosing a cream or soap, take a look at the ingredient list. Here are a few ingredients to avoid if you want to hydrate your skin and protect the planet.

Petroleum is useful to compartmentalize humidity and soften the skin. However, it can also bring out your organism impurities such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons which can be carcinogenic.

Siloxanes and other types of silicon are also used to soften the skin. Santé Canada recognizes that these constituents have a negative effect on the ecosystem but, not for our bodies.

Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) is used to give volume to moisturizers and improve skin permeability. When PEG is mixed with other products, it can be carcinogenic and isn’t very biodegradable.


Step 3: know which ingredients to look for

When it’s time to choose a product that’s good for your skin, we recommend choosing facial cleansers, soap or body butter which contains natural and biodegradable components. You’ll be able to apply these natural products without having to worry about your impact on the ecosystem.

Olive Oil

Whatever your skin type, olive oil is a must. You can find this ingredient in most of SUUM’s natural bar soaps. For the sensitive skins, we recommend  Calendula Soap.

Coco Oil

Coco oil contributes to limiting damages caused by ultraviolet rays. It contains antioxidants and lauric acid (keep in mind that coco oil does not replace solar cream) and deeply hydrates your skin.


A must if you want beautiful skin! Suitable for dry and oily skin, geranium contributes to toning and cleaning the epidermis. SUUM’s lavender and Geranium soap calm and hydrates the skin while leaving a sweet scent.

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Softening, protective, healing and anti-inflammatory. Coffee calms irritated skin, eliminates bad odors and is an antioxidant. Coffee grounds are also very effective for exfoliation which activates circulation.

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Peppermint has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It has a cooling effect on skin which can reduce itching, inflammation and irritation due to acne.


Activated charcoal has an extraordinary absorption capacity. As a result, it purifies the skin very effectively.

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Before going to a shop to buy natural products, it is important to understand your skin type. Some products may work well for oily skins but not necessarily for dry skin. Always take the time to read the ingredient list (some of them aren’t good for you or the environment!) Finally, we recommend that you try a few natural, biodegradable SUUM products, which are good for your body and the planet. Order them online! We deliver within 48 hours! Or you can pick them up at one of our Montreal cafés (you can enjoy a matcha latté while you’re there!)

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