Kid-Friendly Vegan Recipes

Marie-Michelle Chouinard Shares her Favourite Kid-Friendly Vegan Recipes!

Marie-Michelle made the switch to a vegan diet in 2013. After adapting and learning different techniques, she published Basilic & Chocolat in 2015, an eBook dedicated to comforting and classic vegan recipes.

In March 2017, she published two vegan cheesecake recipes in the Montreal magazine Véganes Magazine and has also hosted demonstrations at the Montreal Vegan festival.

Now she uses her passion for cooking for "Une Maman Végane".

Her goal?

Create comforting and simple vegan recipes while motivating other families, other mothers and many people to get into vegan food.

You can find some of her favourite kid-friendly vegan recipes below!


Mexican rice casserole

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This recipe is ready in less than 45 minutes (preparation and cooking included) this Mexican-style rice casserole is a perfect weeknight dinner! Full of flavors, rice, vegetables and black beans (besides being au gratin!) This is a lovely complete meal that will be enjoyed by the whole family!


General Tao Chicken

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Tofu with Asian flavors always has its place in Marie-Michelle's kitchen. Extra saucy, extra sticky and perfect with broccoli and white basmati rice! It's like take-out at home!


Choco-Hazelnut Date balls

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Energy balls? Raw truffles? Date balls?

Call them whatever you like, these chocolate hazelnut date balls are perfect as a snack or even a dessert for toddlers (and adults!).


 "Spare Ribs" with Garlic and Ginger Sauce

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According to Marie-Michelle, "This tempeh recipe will definitely remind you of the times you overeat at the Chinese buffet!"

The secret to good tempeh lies in a super tasty sauce. You can use the same technique with a barbecue sauce (thickened slightly with water) to achieve an equally tasty tempeh


Macaroni and "Cheese" for Kids (and Adults!) 

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Marie-Michelle may not have a hard time feeding her baby "good things", but for parents it can be a struggle. This lunchtime, I decided to spend some leftovers by creating this macaroni and cheese recipe which contains several hidden "good things"!


Tofu Ham

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This recipe is really very easy to make during the holidays and made with ingredients that most people already have at home. It will also fill your home with a smoky maple scent!


Chocolate Hummus

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Don't break the bank with store-bought chocolate hummus! Instead, try out this recipe. It's also a great way to make children (or adults!) eat legumes incognito. Perfect with toast or fresh fruit, this low-cost spread will charm you!

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