Leaves and Pista Coffee Launch Black Velvet Espresso

Pair your black velvet with a black velvet.

 Maison Leaves House and Café Pista have teamed up to create Black Velvet espresso. This dark roast blend is specially designed for espresso and can be enjoyed with or without milk.

 Black Velvet tastes like caramel and chocolate with a syrupy texture.

 Maison Leaves and Pista pay the same attention to the season as to quality and sustainability standards. The lots that make up Black Velvet coffee beans are chosen with respect to the coffee harvest, purchased at several times higher than market prices and produced with full transparency.

photo of black velvet espresso

 Black Velvet is a blend of two coffees, from Brazil and Colombia. These coffees grow at an altitude of 1000 meters (Brazil) and 1500 meters (Colombia). Workers pick the cherries when they are at full maturity and sort them by flotation and then by hand. This removes any overripe or under ripe cherries. Then, they are pulped and dry fermented for 24 to 36 hours before drying for seven to ten days.

 With its classic profile and dark roast, Black Velvet offers a comforting, year-long cup.

 Order a bag of Black Velvet espresso today or pick it up at one of Leaves three locations. The baristas are happy to grind your beans from fine to coarse, according to your needs!

Leaves House carries a variety of coffees and plant-based milk including Oatly, Minor Figures and Milkadamia

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