Greenhound and Leaves BIGGEST Plant Sale!

Buy 2 Plants, Get 1 FREE*

Greenhound Canada & Leaves need to sell a lot of plants :) Yes, Leaves is reopening the dining areas soon! Unfortunately or fortunately, they are currently home to a lot of beautiful indoor plants in need of adoption!

 So, we need your help!

 On Friday June 4, 5 & 6 all plants will be “BUY 2 GET 1 FREE!” (The majority of plants will be at McGill but there will still be a great selection at the Leaves PVM and Leaves Montagne locations. The fundraising / promotion begins at noon each day.

 There are over 100 varieties of plants including a variety of pothos, philodendrons, monsteras and more! Calatheas, black velvets and other assorted plants will also be available for purchase!

This sale is IN-STORE only.

 Proceeds will go to the Greenhound Canada Foundation. Greenhound Canada Foundation is a non-for-profit organization which develops community healing gardens across Canada to support community and mental health wellness. 

 Greenhound believes that plants bring us amazing therapeutic support. This inspired them to help spread green vibes to other Canadians who may find comfort and restoration in having plants in their homes, or a garden space to visit.

 They started the Greenhound Canada Foundation to develop public and accessible botanical gardens and dedicated spaces in urban areas for people in Canada to use for relaxing, learning plant care techniques, sharing plants, and to interact with others. They also aim to complement the plant-sharing community by making plants more accessible to all parts of the country. Plus, they just really enjoy learning about and growing plants!

 All efforts by their initiative are volunteer-led and the proceeds from their fundraising go towards their goals such as building healing gardens and to support other public community and health care ecotherapy initiatives. Their overall goal is to enhance the livability of our urban areas and provide green spaces for people to rest and cope with illness, stress, and mental health challenges, as a part of a connected and welcoming community.


Leaves Montagne

2051 Rue de la Montagne


Leaves McGill

1800 avenue McGill College


Leaves PVM

1 Place Ville Marie


June 4, 5 & 6


*The cheapest plant will be free

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Isabella Stea

Wanted to buy some plants but unfortunately the sale is in store only. So sad!!!!

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