Nine Montreal Plant Stores to bring Life to Your Apartment

Montreal plant stores for anyone looking to add some life to their apartment.

Plants give us a sense of calm and can help relieve stress while working. There’s no better time to turn your living room into your own personal greenhouse. Luckily, these Montreal plant stores offer a variety of cacti, succulents and other tropical plants.

If you're looking to pick up a bouquet of roses you might want to try Le Jardin de Mathilde. Meanwhile, if you want to grab a coffee while picking out a new houseplant, why not visit Leaves House? Leaves carries a variety of plants including pothos, zz plants and many rare and hard to find plants!

You can also order large plants such as monsteras!

Leaves House Café

Leaves House started in Montreal in 2015 under the name of "Café Leaves".  It’s not just a café though, we also have an online boutique where you can buy 100% Animal-Free cosmetics and accessories, all vegan and Cruelty-Free. That includes everything from plant-based milk to matcha.

 When you walk into the café, you’re also greeted by money trees, nanouks and as well as rare plants such as cebu blues. You can check out what's available here (new plants every Friday!)

A variety of decorative and terracotta pots are also available!


Alma Quebec


Alma’s mission is to provide their customers with vibrant plants that they can grow, care for and love. Their goal is to bring together this community of plants enthusiasts. At Alma, they believe plants are beings with their own right, a soul if you will. An “alma” in Latin.

This is also why, when you buy a plant from Alma, it comes with a personalized maintenance guide.


Abaca Marchand de Fleurs


Abaca Marchand de Fleurs is a renowned florist in Montreal that offers exclusive floral arrangements. They are most well-known for their beautiful flower arrangements but also carry a variety of seasonal plants. 



Vertuose isn’t just a plant store. They also offer design services specialized in integrating plants into your home or office. They’re constantly looking for new trends and developing new approaches to bring harmony between plants and decor. In addition to their plant design, they’ve also introduced an exclusive line of accessories such as vases and flower pots. 



Plantzy isn’t just a plant store. They also have an online shop, classes, flower subscriptions and themed events. More than anything, they want people to, “...reappropriate their own living and working spaces.” Their mission is to create an environment where people can enjoy the presence of plants and where plants can flourish and grow!

Plantzy is mostly an e-commerce store however you can visit them in the Mile-End.


Le Jardin de Mathilde

 Whether you’re looking for a bouquet of fresh or dried flowers, a eucalyptus plant of a multitude of styles, you may want to try Le Jardin de Mathilde. Their florists will adapt to make you the bouquet of your dreams (sure to meet all your expectations!)



Evasia is located in the east of the city, in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.

For more than a decade, they have been providing all the plants, decorations and accessories necessary to embellish your home or office. They not only carry a variety of exotic plants but also Bonsai and a selection of herbal teas. 


Miss Boon Plant Shop

Miss Boon Plant Shop wants to bring the jungle to your home.

Wondering where the name Miss Boon comes from? The owner’s spouse if of Laotian origin and his mother tongue “boon” or bounce means “to do good.”  Today she want to do good with plants. 

They import rare plants from Asia and (soon!) from Colombia as well as offering home consultation services in the Montreal region. 


Botanista Plants

Botanista Plants put love into every leaf they touch. They carry a variety of plants including houseplants and succulents.

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