Oatly + Goodies - Limited-Edition Promotion!

💚 We are pleased to announce a limited-edition promotion with Oatly. Add stylist & creative goodies to your usual Oatly order.
- T-Shirt - 100% coton - Ethically Sourced/Eco-Friendly
- Tote bag "Postmilk Generation"
- Post-Its note cube
- 3 Stickers: "Actually Good" - "Oatmilk Shake" - "Wow no Cow Stacked"

There are some for all tastes and needs - Limited stock offer!

đŸŒ±Leaves is the reference for plant-based beverages in Montreal.
Order online on leaveshouse.com
or buy in person at Leaves McGill (1800 McGill College Ave) 
Delivery is available within 48 hours of purchase.

😎 Get the Oatly Swag - Join the Oatsome family :)

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