Where to Buy Reusable Masks in Montreal

As of today, masks or face coverings are mandatory in all indoor public spaces across Quebec.

Forgot your mask? No problem! 

Masks will be available in-store for $1!

A number of Quebec brands and designers have decided to create their own masks in response to the pandemic. 

Leaves House

 Leaves House carries a selection of 100% animal-free masks comes in a variety of colors and designs. You can also purchase a bag to keep your safe and clean! They come in teal, a flowered pattern and pokadot 


Gibou began in 2014 by Sarah Beaudoin. She creates original designs in an effort to make warm yet fashionable hats that can make the freezing Canadian winter days enjoyable. Gibou also carries hair accessories including headbands and scrunchies. 



Founded in 2016 by the designer Suzanne Foucault, UCHUU is a vibrant, modern and chic women’s clothing brand based in Montréal.


Pas Mon Style

Pas Mon Style is all about individualism and (shamelessly) surrounding yourself with pretty things. Armed with her appreciation of beauty and passionate know-how for ceramics, Christina has worked many years in Montréal’s fashion industry (oh and did we mention all her products are vegan!)

Atelier B

Anne-Marie and Catherine are the inseparable friends who founded the atelier b brand in 2009. They, “wish to inspire confidence in you and allow you to dare all while giving you the information to make sustainable and committed clothing choices."



Curly girls know how hard it can be to find a curlycentric salon. That’s why Abisara opened up Inhairitance in Montreal. They recently launched their own line of masks which “allow you to stay protected while proudly harboring the beauty of African fabric.”


Citizen Vintage

Citizen Vintage aims to provide a sustainable alternative to the fast fashion by recycling and up-cycling vintage pieces and creating collections of locally made, contemporary pieces.


Hannah Isolde

Hannah Isolde is a small-scale, made-to-order womenswear brand based out of Montréal, Quebec. She sews everything herself in her studio including a number of beautiful masks. 


Katrin Leblond

Katrin Leblond has a truly Made in Montréal brand. Each and every original piece is cut and sewn right here in Montréal. Expect original prints, artful embellishments and fabulous cuts (and one-of-a-kind masks).


Jennifer Glasgow

Jennifer Glasgow creates classic clothing for multi-faceted women that transitions from day-to-night. Her designs are always sustainably made using natural fibers, with inclusive sizing (XS - XXL) and diverse styles.


Val Brooke

Val Brooke is an “accidental mask maker” from Montreal. Visit her store to find a variety of brightly coloured patterns and designs! You can also pick up some Montreal inspired jewellery while you’re there. 

Visit us at either of our locations and grab a coffee, tea or pastry. You can even pick up a bag of Leaves matcha.

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