Agrandir Sansevieria Whale Fin - 4 inch pot

Sansevieria Whale Fin - 4 inch pot


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With so many types of Snake Plants out there, the Sansevieria Whale Fin takes center stage with its gigantic leaves! It isn’t as easy to find as other Sansevierias but you manage to get your hands on one, it makes a beautiful centerpiece. 

The plant is nicknamed ‘whale fin’ on account of its unique shape. When exposed to bright sunlight, the tips of the leaves tend to turn pink.

Pot diameter: 4 inches


Water: Sansevierias thrive on little water. It’s much better to underwater your plant as opposed to overwatering.

Light: They grow best in medium to bright diffused light but will tolerate low light for extended periods (they will just grow more slowly).

Fournisseur: Leaves House

Sansevieria Whale Fin - 4 inch pot