Animal-Free Fashion: Why there are more than just restaurants and food recipes that are vegan.

If you are vegan, it is most likely that you know that veganism is more than just restaurants and cooking recipes. Have those who are less familiar with this lifestyle heard that companies in the fashion industry are now supplying the market with vegan merchandise? Despite trailing behind the food industry, the vegan fashion sector has begun to see a quick change. Consumers, increasingly informed, are now interested to explore the vegan fashion as it concerns the welfare of animals.  Like in the food industry, they are aware that the vegan fashion industry is promoting the same "cruelty-free" notion.

So, what is a vegan product? It is a product that does not contain elements from animals. In the food sector, being vegan is not to eat meat or any ingredients derived from animals . We often talk about plant-based diets. In the fashion industry, the vegan label is found in the material used to design and produce merchandise. For example, leather is a material that is widely used in the design of shoes, coats or even backpacks . Leather comes from a process of tanning animal skins. Although durable, leather is increasingly being replaced by what is known as "vegan leather". In other words, faux leather and 100% Animal-Free.

Consumers are increasingly turning to vegan fashion for its ethical side. To find out if a piece of clothing or an accessory is vegan, look at the label, notice the material used and find out about the brand .

Now that you know there are vegan restaurants, vegan recipes, and that fashion is vegan, what industry do you think will become vegan soon?

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