Leaves House: 100% Plant-Based

Leaves House exists because of you! People who want to make more conscious and sustainable choices which leads to 100% Plant-Based consumption.

Leaves House would like to become the ultimate aggregator of 100% Plant-Based products and services mainly from Montreal start-ups. It comprises two forms: 2 cafés in Montreal and our e-commerce platform.

This allows you to find all items quickly and at the same place while offering more visibility to Montreal-based start-ups.

Leaves House started in Montreal in 2015 under the name of "Café Leaves" at 2051 de la Montagne Street. All the products are 100% Plant-Based including a variety of vegetable milks including soy, oat and coconut. All the pastries are also Plant-Based!

In April 2019, Leaves House extended its activities to 1800 avenue McGill College in downtown Montreal. This location offers more space than the first branch and a wider variety of 100% Plant-Based products. Of course, the values remain the same!push button for Leaves Café

In July 2019, Leaves House implemented a six-month pilot project, called "Leaves House Shop", adjacent to the café. It offered 100% Animal-Free cosmetics and accessories, all vegan and Cruelty-Free. As soon as Leaves House gets the necessary funds, it will seek to open a new fashion boutique in downtown Montreal to meet your needs.

During the same period in 2019, the platform e-commerce was launched. You can find plant-based milk, Leaves matcha, Leaves maca powder and more!

Leaves House counts on your support for this project. It is looking for resources to move the project in the right direction.

Please let us know how we can serve you better by contacting us at the café or via the website.