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Greenhound Canada

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Greenhound Canada was inspired to help spread green vibes to other Canadians who may find comfort and restoration in having plants in their homes or a garden space to visit.

Greenhound Canada Foundation was started to develop public and accessible botanical gardens and dedicated spaces in urban areas for people in Canada to use for relaxing, learning plant care techniques, sharing plants, and to interact with others. They also aim to complement the plant-sharing community by making plants more accessible to all parts of the country.

Also, they just really enjoy learning about and growing plants!

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Mountain Lake PBS

PBS Mountain Lake - Leaves House


For 40 years, Mountain Lake PBS has been the public media station for the Adirondacks, Champlain Valley, Montreal and everywhere in between.

Located in Plattsburgh, NY, Mountain Lake PBS serves a vast audience in New York, Vermont, Quebec and Ontario with acclaimed PBS series such as Antiques Roadshow, Nova and Masterpiece, local productions including Mountain Lake Journal, and highly respected local documentaries like the Emmy Award-winning ARTS IN EXILE: Tibetan Treasures in Small Town America and ON HOME GROUND: Life after Service.

Mountain Lake PBS provides unique services and events to families and educators throughout the region, focused on early childhood literacy and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) education, and  partners with local organizations to strengthen educational opportunities and access in our region.