Buy a Plant and Get a FREE Iced Tea!

This weekend Montreal will see some gloomy weather, so why not brighten your day with a FREE iced tea!? This Friday, Saturday and Sunday (April 16, 17 & 18), stop by one of Leaves three locations and get a free iced tea when you buy a plant! There will be a different tea option at each location.

 Team Leaves will have a huge restock of plants including nanouks, tinekes, ficus burgundys and string of pearls! Various cacti will also be available.

It’s the perfect time to bring home a new plant!

photo of LEaves House iced tea

What tea is being served where?

Leaves carries Camellia Sinensis teas. They offer a vast selection of world-class quality white tea, green tea, black tea, wulong (oolong), Pu er and Matcha, selected at source in the gardens of China, Japan, India, Taiwan by their team of tasters.


Leaves Montagne: Peach and Ginger

A black tea with seductive fruity accents that will brighten your day with its juicy peach notes. The perfect summer drink!

Leaves Mcgill: Cranberry Orange 

Fans of fruity, caffeine-free infusions, will love this organic rooibos blend. The cranberry and orange bring a touch of zest while the wild berries complement the infusion with a pleasant roundness.

A versatile infusion served hot or cold - as a refreshing iced tea or a great base for a cocktail.

Leaves PVM: Raspberry Lemon

A full burst of freshness, this organic green tea blend has a great balance of lemon and fruits (berries) and will quench any thirst. The strong lemon accents combine perfectly with the earthy notes of the green tea enhanced by the fruity finale of ripe raspberries. Its liquor is a sweet and clear wave of freshness.



Leaves Montagne

2051 Rue de la Montagne

Leaves McGill

1800 McGill College Ave

Leaves PVM

1 Place Ville Marie


 April 16, 17, 18

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