Buy Local Goods: Buy local. Eat local. Go local

Now more than ever, consuming local makes perfect sense! The idea behind BuyLocalGoods was born at the start of the pandemic with the desire to promote and support local businesses by creating a clear and effective site listing the best local products by making them easily accessible.

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Discover local small and medium-sized businesses here for all your gift ideas and indulge yourself! Also find local producers, order fresh products directly from the farm, promote zero waste and carbon neutrality, with pickup or delivery. Why not embark on one of these wonderful getaways here in Quebec?

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Buy local, eat local, go local. By joining BuyLocalGoods, you encourage local businesses and find the best of Quebec artisans nearby. In addition, you benefit from exclusive promotional codes in your favorite local partner stores. Consume local while saving money, it's possible!

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Want to support more local business? Leaves House carries products form a number of Montreal start-ups including SUUM and Mimi & August! We also carry Oatly, Minor Figures and Milkadamia! Visit our blog and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

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