Leaves House Now Offers Delivery for Plant-Based Milk in Montreal

Leaves House is offering delivery for orders of plant-based milk across Greater Montreal.

If you’re looking to stock up on plant-based milk, you’ve come to the right place. Leaves House is currently delivering a variety of vegan milks including Oatly, Natur-a and Milkadamia.

If your delivery address is in the Greater Montreal area just choose the “Milk and Plant Delivery” option. Keep in mind that we’re only delivering cases of twelve (or cases of six if you're ordering Milkadamia).

We will deliver directly to your address for $10 within 24 hours.*

For those outside of the Greater Montreal area placing large orders, feel free to call us to see if delivery is possible.

We are currently delivering cases of:


Minor Figures




Pacific Foods

Pacific Foods milk

Plant-based milks are a substitute to the more commonly used cow's milk. Many people switch to vegan alternatives due to being lactose intolerant. Although many are making the switch for the nutritional value and great taste. 

Soy milk for example, is a great substitute for cow milk as it has a similar consistency with regards to fat and protein. Meanwhile, coconut milk is a popular alternative due to its naturally creamy and tasty flavour.

 If you're a fan of coffee you might even want to try Pacific Foods Barista Series which was created using feedback from baristas. You'll be able to show off your coffee making abilities as well as make the perfect latté art.

Leaves House currently stocks a variety of plant-based milk, vegan fashion and other animal-free alternatives. Click our cosmetics or accessories tabs to learn more about what’s available in store and online. 

*If we receive a high number of orders, delivery may take longer than 24 hours.

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