Vegan Cookbooks by Quebec Authors

Want to learn more about vegan cooking? Try one of these cookbooks!

 If you want to improve your skills in the kitchen but don't know where to begin, you may want to try one of these cookbooks! Written by Quebecois authors, you'll learn everything from the magic of tofu to teaching picky children to love vegetables!

La Cantine végane : recettes pour bons vivants

De Marie-Michelle Chouinard

Inspired by local classics, Marie-Michelle Chouinard has designed accessible and comforting recipes that will appeal to omnivores as well as confirmed vegans. She also provides a number of tips for cooking vegan without over-complicating the process.


Végane, mais pas plate! avec Jessie et PH – Tome 2

By Jessie et PH

Are you cooking for someone who is a little skeptical about veganism? Want to impress them with a delicious meal that will introduce them to a new culinary universe? May be you were invited to a dinner part and have no idea what to bring? Feeling hungry at the end of the night and want to cook something simple?

In this second volume of the book "Végane, mais pas plate!", Jessie and PH offer  80 tasty vegan recipes!


Loounie cuisine : recettes et astuces 100% végétales

Caroline Huard

In her very first book, Caroline "Loounie" Huard reveals the secrets behind her delicious homemade cooking. With more than 100 vegan recipes (including her famous magic tofu) this book brings together a host of ideas and tips to help you have more fun and less stress in the kitchen.


Vegan Pantry Essentials

Murielle Banackissa

Ever wondered what are the staples of a vegan diet? Well, look no further, Murielle Banackissa has created this simple 2-page printable. It is divided in 4 categories: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, Desserts and Snacks.

    Within each list, you will find a combination of fruits, veggies, grains, protein sources, nuts and seeds. 

    ALSO: she added a few bonuses to this document: a list of her favorite savoury and sweet spices, a list of her go to cooking oils, a couple of her favorite superfoods and a few vegan cookbooks she absolutely adores.


    Mes Grands Classiques Véganes

    By Jean-Phillipe Cyr


    Jean-Philippe Cyr currently has two published books. The first, La cuisine de Jean-Philippe, and his more recent book Mes Grands Classiques Véganes. His second book includes recipes for everything from carrot cake, meatball stew, onion soup and donuts. The essentials for comfort food with the magic touch of vegan cuisine.


    Comptoir Vegan

    Aurélie Lacroix et Gabrielle B.-Cossette

    Gabrielle B.-Cosette is a co-owner of Le Dep Frida, a café located in Trois-Rivières who offers a 100 % vegan menu. Aurélie Lacroix is their prized chef!

    Together they've reinvented dishes, including a poutine without cheese, a not chicken and a mockmuffin sausage. The recipes feature tasty and generous botanical cuisine, and Etienne Boisvert’s retro photos make our mouths water.

    This cookbook has been designed to make vegan cooking accessible, even to those who are unfamiliar with a vegan lifestyle. 

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