Zoom Ohana Sushis Vegan - Sushi Combo Box (13 pcs)

Ohana Sushis Vegan - Sushi Combo Box (13 pcs)


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Indulge in the unique flavors of our OHANA SUSHIS VEGAN Combo Box, featuring three exclusive varieties of 100% plant-based sushi: Dynamite, Kamikaze, and Sunrise.


DYNAMITE (4 PCS): Tempura vegan shrimp, vegan caviar, cucumber, avocado, teriyaki mayo

KAMIKAZE (5 PCS): Sweet tofu, avocado, cucumber, green shallot, rice pearls

SUNRISE (4 PCS): Black rice, shiitake mushroom, tofu topped with seasonal microgreens, spicy sauce


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Ohana Sushis Vegan - Sushi Combo Box (13 pcs)